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Things to do in Helsinki

Here is a quick list of places to visit and things to do in Helsinki. Sorry for the lack of information. Some were just names of places to visit rattled of by locals in passing.

Sight Seeing

Mannerheim Statue helsinki. Mannerheim was the president during the war and is regarded as the best leader Finland has ever had.

Cameras and Film

Cable factory

Places of Interest

Kalliao – Markets/OpShops/Secondhand/antiques

Sound Shops

Eronen – World music record store with a good range of music and related parefonalia
Laivurinrinne 2
00120 Helsinki
ke-pe 12-18, la 11-16
Puhelin (09) 638 816
Black and white

levykauppa åx
record store ax


name: Good Fellows
description: the one and only serious comic store in helsinki.
address: fredrikinkatu 38 – 00100 helsinki
phone: +358 9 6949864
website: www.goodfellows.fi

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