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Traveling on a budget in Japan

Because we all want to save money its a great time to travel to Japan. There are some good deals happening and some really nice places to stay on a budget. Get a JR Rail Pass for foreigners before you go and plan your trip Japan wide. Try and see as much as you can but at the very minimum visit Toyko, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakata, and Hokkaido in order of importance.


Things to do

Yoyogi Koen

If you are in Tokyo on the weekend I can recommend visiting Yoyogi Park. they often have festivals there and on Sundays they have local market stalls where people sell second hand personal effects such as clothes, CDs, technology etc…

Tokyo Vision
If you are into the Tokyo night life scene Tokyo Vision is a cool new club that has just opened up in Shibuya. the venue has a rabbit warren ove different rooms and hide outs where DJ’s on Friday and Saturday nights play house, electronica and hip hop music.

Hachikō Square
Is the main exit from the Shibuya train station in Tokyo. Its a great jumping off point into the hustle and bustle of the teen-centric shibuya shopping district. This location with its neon glow, crazy fashion, great dinning and night clubs is also a popular meeting point due to its central location and ease of access.

Drunken Lane
Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya, 1丁目25−9
Just under the bridge and around the corner from Hachiko Square you will find a lane way of Izakiya bars with cheap beer and food. There are a number of cute tiny sometimes three level sake, wine and beer bars that offer an authentic and traditional escape from the craziness that emanates outside.


Ryokan Fukudaya, Shibuya


Things to do

Kinkaku Temple
Kinkaku Temple is arguably the most famous of the 500 temples scattered throughout Kyoto. It was restored in the 80′s and looks amazing with its gold leaf covered exterior and amazing painted ceiling. catch it in winter with snow is just as amazing as during cherry blossom season. Going on a weekend is a bad idea if you can avoid it and be sure to try and toss a coin into the pot, then get your English fortune after tossing coin into the well ringing the bell and making a wish in line with the Budist religion.



Guesthouse U-En
In Osaka this Hostel/Hotel is a cool cheap and nice place with great customer service. Its basic and the shower is under the stairs which was a highlight for me! :)

Ten Hostel Osaka
Its sister Hotel look cool too.


Things to do

Visit the Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media

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