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My new Interactive & Creative Technology Design/Development company’s new online portfolio We work with creative technology in advertising, marketing and private and government sectors to build memorable interactive and digital media communication experiences. We offer everything from websites and Facebook and iPhone apps to ambient media, touchscreen kiosks and

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Slow Macs

I have recently run into a common problem with my MacBook Pro Unibody. I Have been experiencing slow processor speeds and hang time with certain apps. I have researched this problem and it could be due to a number of common issues. The most basic is to ensure your running

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The increasingly popular replacement of XML is JSON offers faster loading and working times due to its smalled packet size. XML can be large and cumbersome. There is a native library for XMLElement in ProessingJS but no JSON library. However there is a JSON library available through this example

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The 2012 Apple WWDC conference in Sanfran USA will be held in May! Apply for scholarships here:

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Sguiggle 2.0 RMIT School of Art Gallery

Squiggle RHYS TURNER (AUS) Featuring graphics by DAVROS (AUS) Sound by VLADISLAV DELAY (FIN) And POINT THE BONE (AUS) Squiggle is an ambient multiuser video sculpture. Using a touch device (iPad, iPodTouch, iPhone, TouchPC etc…) visitors help create an interactive video and sound sculpture with game-like interaction. The project explores

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I found this great free online tool called for drawing website and application diagrams. It lets you create , edit and publish schematics and flow charts. You can even invite users to view and/or edit your “sheets.” While registration is quick simple, exporting the document is limited to only

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Sydney Univeristy Interactive & Digital Media

I’m working now at Sydney College of the Arts as an Associate Lecturer in Film and Digital Art as the Lecturer of Interactive and Digital Media. I have been getting back into the Sydney Uni head space and came across a few lost and loved links for interactive and critical

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Traveling on a budget in Japan

Because we all want to save money its a great time to travel to Japan. There are some good deals happening and some really nice places to stay on a budget. Get a JR Rail Pass for foreigners before you go and plan your trip Japan wide. Try and see

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Things to do in Helsinki

Here is a quick list of places to visit and things to do in Helsinki. Sorry for the lack of information. Some were just names of places to visit rattled of by locals in passing. Sight Seeing Mannerheim Statue helsinki. Mannerheim was the president during the war and is regarded

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View Finder Cameras

My friend took me to the flee markets on the weekend and I scored 4 viewfinder film cameras for under 60 euros! They are: Minox 35 EL Canonet 28 Agfa Pocket Unkown German Toy Camera  

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