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Fellow artists Astrid Lorange and Rene Christen “hold the key to the Rimbaud lurking in your soul. Part poetic, part robotic, these pieces all have in common an interactivity and playfulness that push the boundaries between content and form.” I took the photograph for them.

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    Looking for the greatest opportunity to work as a Flash developer for a reputed company who want to explore new ideas in the digital world. I offer digital ideas with a creative core. I am a Creative Developer and Technologist, Visual Artist, Interactive Developer/Designer/Artist, Open Source Advocate. I am currently just back from Japan where I created Artwork for an Artist residency at Konya2023 Fukuoka and worked with 2010 Toyota Young Coreographer of the Year. I also had residencies over the last 24 months in the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and parts of China. The best way to describe my work is physical interfacing with digital content. I create touch screen kiosks with sensors, I work with iPhone to projection screens, I design specific interactive installations and solutions for your marketing and advertising needs.